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Healthy Mother Baby Program

The Healthy Mother Baby Program is designed to inform and assist expectant mothers in avoiding risks during their pregnancies, and promoting the health of their babies. Though not intended as a replacement for the care that a doctor would provide, the program is a custom-tailored supplement of information, support, and services valuable to expectant mothers of any age and experience. As a part of the program, a member can expect:

  • Health screening
  • Counseling and pregnancy education
  • Free educational materials
    • Two informational packets
    • Childbirth book
  • Monthly nurse contact with the participant
  • Free video & book library
  • Follow-up well baby and preventative care
  • Nurse available to answer questions

We have found that having the proper information and becoming actively involved in one's pregnancy can significantly improve the chances of delivering a healthy baby. It is the aim and desire of Innovative Care Management to help this be a joyful time, and we believe that with the proper information and support, this can be a wonderful experience.

What to Do
Please call us early in your pregnancy to sign up for the Healthy Mother Baby program. Participation with the Healthy Mother Baby Program is entirely voluntary.

Contact Innovative Care Management or your Human Resources Department to find out more about any of these programs offered to you and your family covered under your health plan.

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