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Disability - Temporary

While temporary disability may not have the same long-term effects as a permanent disability, it is still important to understand the issues surrounding your present situation. You still must consider when and whether it is feasible for you to return to your current job or to find other temporary work instead. Vocational rehabilitation can be a great help in a quick return to work. The Social Security Administration, while it does not provide these services, is able to help pay for them under certain circumstances.

It is also to your advantage to look through this web site to find the covered medical services that may apply to your particular situation. This research should also help you figure out a medical and rehabilitation plan that suits your needs as well as your budget. It may also be helpful to find out if any such benefits are available to you through your spouse's plan.

Plan Checklist

  • Review the rules for the Time Loss benefit in the BenefitTabs™ and SPD and then apply for any benefits you may be due.
  • Go over the rules concerning the limited disability extensions to coverage and COBRA continuation coverage rules. Continued Welfare coverage is an essential ingredient to dealing with your disability.

Also Consider...

If there is a possibility that your disability may become permanent, you should review the Life Event page regarding Permanent Disability to help prepare yourself financially.

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